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Paper industry


In paper industry, due to their physical-chemical properties, and resistance to mechanical chocks, pressures and chemicals used in paper production, the IZOLATER rolls are applied as:

  • breast (parapet-support) rolls
  • transport
  • dosing
  • drum
  • transmission rolls

Apart from rolls in paper industry, corrugated paper- board and chromium board, IZOLATER successfully produces within its program, the following :

  • rotation rings
  • PU blankets
  • rod tubs
  • overflow protectors
  • fork-lift wheels


Rolls in graphic industry, offset, flexo and news paper, lined with PU elastomer are characterized with good
physical-chemical properties. At high printing speeds and during long work, there is no change of hardness.

PU elsatomers have no extracting constituent parts, generally show strong stability in different chemical dissolving agents, therefore there is no change of roll dimensions after long standing contact with them.

For any kind of print, IZOLATER offers a wide scale of compounds for different types of rolls, within the hardness rangefrom 20 SCH-Ato 50 SCH-D:

  • dye transmission rolls
  • alcohol wetting
  • dispersion rolls
  • support rolls
  • varnish application
  • banana rolls
  • adhesives aplication
  • laminating rolls

Resistance to:

  • abrasion
  • alcohol
  • hydrocarbons
  • ketones
  • aromatic
  • aliphatic
  • oils
  • ozone


More and more customers require high precision rolls, including as well the certificate with measured values of diameter, elasticity, conicity and grinding quality. Such measurements are performed by special electronic equipment.
The surface finish quality, especially its smoothness upon grinding and very fine grinding of rolls is essentially important for flexo, deep and offset printing. By means of Ra gauge we can test the grinding quality and issue certificates.
Previously manually manufactured grooves in rolls are now replaced by computer controlled equipment, which enables us to perform special cuttings or grindings of gropoves (spiral, longitudinal, radial…)