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Mining industry

Mining industry

Sita, towels, cyclones, rotors, rollers, pads, ...

IZOLATER PU – tension screens with coned square, oval or grooved perforations consist of, a PU plate, rope reinforcement and the necessary tension cross sections. PU-tension screens can be made for various degrees of hardness and working conditions.

IZOLATER PU-tension screen features:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High elasticity, therefore self cleaning of the screen
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High moisture resistance
  • No noise emittance
  • Areas of application

IZOLATER PU-tension screens have proven themselves with their efectiveness in the areas of processing techniques. Among others, they are used for the classification of loose materials, ores, coal, gravel, sand, etc. Their application is also found in the foodstuffs industry as well as the drug industry – since they are made of FDA (food and drug administration) approved materials.

Tension screens against conventional screens

Good self-cleaning features – the natural vibration of the flexible screens and the antiadhesive characteristics of PU materials prevent hardening of the moist fine granules.

The conical openings on the screens act to prevent granules of approximate size from becoming jammed. Decrease emittance of noise, owing to the excellent muting (muffling) characteristics of PU elastomers. PU materials which are used for the production of tension screens are flexible and are not influenced by loading capacity or the geometrical shape of the screen openings. IZOLATER PU-tenson screens are reinforced with rope, and from one side limit the stretching in the direction of pull while on the other hand serve as load carriers. The reinforced rope is homogenously embeded into the PU material.

In mining industry, apart from sieves, IZOLATER also produces:

  • wipers for transport belts
  • rotors
  • cyclones
  • rolls of transport systems
  • linings at pouring places of bunkers, which are exposed to high shocks and abrasion

With the hardness range from 60 SCH.A to 95 SCH.A and wide choice of material, dependant of work media, the products are characterized with high abrasion and mechanical resistance, excellent elasticity, self-cleaning…